The Yee Haw Jamboree
Presented by Greenville Theatre Works

The Yee Haw Jamboree

Two Nights only - be part of a "live audience" for this fun corn-ball country show!

Greenville Theatre Works is back on stage at the GMA with a nostalgia and hay filled experience you won't soon forget. The Yee Haw Jamboree is your chance to be a part of the socially distanced studio audience or live stream for some classic country humor and music. The Yee Haw Jamboree will feature talented singers, musicians, and characters that will tickle your funny bone. This variety show is reminiscent of those classic Hee Haw episodes that bring good memories and barrels of laughs. Tickets are just $20 in advance and $25 the day of each performance.

Venue Information:
Greenville Municipal Auditorium
2821 Washington St
Greenville, TX, 75401